Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA, QC)

We have the capacities to execute internal and external quality assurance and quality control operations according to the International and National Mine Action Standards. We can do this for mine action operators, national mine action authorities or companies and organizations contracting mine action operators.

Survey activities

We have the capacity to design, plan and implement many different types of surveys.  This includes Non-technical surveys, technical surveys.

Demining/ BAC /EOD activities

AMACC will also engage in mine/ERW clearance operations.

Risk Education and Victim Assistance Projects (RE& VA)

AMACC can conduct RE projects also the VA projects not only the rehabilitation but also the integration to become a productive member in the society.

Consultancy in all related mine action activities

AMACC has the ability to provide consultancy in all related fields of MA based on a variety of experiences that we have.

IMSMA training course

AMACC has the capability to held IMSMA training course through a highly-qualified trainer

Our success in implementing our techniques is attributable to four central elements

  • Deployment of an experienced team of technical advisors responsible for coordinating with host nation officials.
  • directing logistical support, and overseeing day-to-day clearance operations.
  • Use of a highly-effective, integrated approach to mine/ERW clearance operations involving manual techniques to increase efficiency, while ensuring safety and quality.
  • Integration of local staff, who are trained and employed by AMACC as de-miners, medics, supervisors, and employees to build the national capacities of the host nations in which we operate.


Mine Action and ERW field Training:

Quality Management Training:

our courses concentrate on Quality Assurance and Control of Manual Clearance Operations, Mechanical Clearance. Management and reporting for QM Operations is also included.

Demining/BAC Training

according to the needs of our partners, we deliver basic and advanced clearance courses by using different types of detectors.


the design, implementation and management of surveys, including General Mine Action Assessment, technical and impact assessment/non-technical surveys.


AMACC has suitably qualified and experienced staff that undertake the all courses in EOD levels and IED

Management Training

this training focuses on the reporting, budgeting and human resource management, of mine action operations.

Customized courses

we also provide custom designed courses according to the needs of our partners. Each mine action organization has their own challenges and these could be addressed by specialized courses. We also use the capacities available in the mine action community and seek advice and consultation from international advisors and organizations.

Our Courses Include

Management Courses

Risk Management

Team Building and Management

Time Management

Report Writing Skills

First Aid Course

Basic Management Skills

Communication Skills

Project Cycle Management

Priority Setting

Technical Courses

Quality Management in Mine Action

Manual Clearance Methodologies

Contamination impact survey (CIS)

RE Basic Training

EOD level 1,2,3and 3+


Team Leader Skills

Introduction to GIS

ATTEX Training Course

Technical, non-technical Survey

Data Collection & Analyses

Field Medics training

 IMSMA training course